Thursday, January 31, 2008

Holy shit

After long flights departing the east coast my plane finally touched in salt lake city, hours late and well after my connecting(final) flight had departed to montrose. Rather than stay in the airport for 24 or more hours I rerouted my self to grand junction, about 2 hours north of the original destination. Upon arrival, aournd 6pm, a shabby sign was made reading... montrose or anywhere close. A nice family decided to give me a lift all the way there, and it turns out Dale, my generous driver, had done some work with my uncle in the past. Dale and his wife Mary insisted I stay over at there home south of montrose but I chose the intersection leaving town to wait for a potential ride into Telluride at 9pm. After 2 hours of hanging thumb to passing traffic, running in place to keep warm, it was obvious it was too late, the roads were almost empty and snow was falling sideways to make matters even more interesting. So I start hoofing towards the lights, warmth, as I am weighing my options of sleep tonight, stash my luggage and crawl into the towel shelves at wal mart, or get a hotel room for no less than $50, I notice a line of show model sheds along the roads beside me, wow, I bet the doors are open, yep. These sheds looks fucking fabulous from the outside, pho log home looking ones, some had vinyl siding even, but upon entering there was little to be excited about except shelter from that wind and snow. Managed to get some sleep despite the single digit temperatures and hit the road again at 7:30am. This morning people were much friendlier stopping regularly to find out where I was heading, by about 8;45am a man named Craig was heading in my direction, he was a wise fellow who didnt seem to be bothered by much. We spoke of the demise of religious extremists and the rapid over development of his home turf and before I knew it I was on a corner again thumb high, 10 degrees and sunny. With only 36 miles to go Im getting amped, armed with a new sign "T-ride!" it was only moments before I was in a warm suburban heading the right direction listening to "pearl necklace" at deafening levels. This dude was awesome, an ice climber, skiier, stage rigger, all around psyked on everything kind of guy. Took me all the way into town and I exited his vehicle with a hand shake and spouted "have a kick ass day" he hoped i did too. Psyked.
We just came through the trees and out into the snow feild above Tobbes head, wtf?
woke up in a shed, again.
Tobbe is psyked

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cock Rock

Sweet flyer. This is reason alone to attend sxsw in Austin this year.
Latane Coghill will a head high to a dwarf double pegger.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ca Caw...

Me and Bob went riding for a few minutes yesterday. While at monroe park sessioning the tree ride, which just got a makeover, there was this huge hawk perched on the fountain in the center of the park. It looked totally at home in the manmade landscape around him as he just sat and stared at the white boys acting like monkeys. At one point the hawk swooped down from the fountain in my direction then snatched the spliff right out of my mouth only to return to his perch and say "Ca Caw, you best watch out for the cheeba hawk, Caw!" -Evan
Bob under a watchful eye.
A not so flatering picture of Rob aka ""
Redemption. from the quarter all the way to the wedge
This is joey...yes that says chill.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


get up and go to the strip club. WOW. This one time i went to a strip club and the dancer said to us "I had thankgiving with a bunch of honkies like you, I stole that food! I was like a Indian! WOOO WOOO WOOO." then she turned away and danced toward the rest of the crowd hollering and patting her mouth "WOOO WOOO WOOO!" heres to warmer weather-evan
kitt checking out mike on mt. concrete
mike p, buttwiper air
we went far
then we had lunch
then jay went apeshit

camping somewhere near the northpole in a "holiday tree" farm

the grinch made breakfast

kitt, 180 to fakie up mt. concrete

The weather outside is.....

the weather sucks here are some pics from the past

evan getting eaten by the pizzamouth


evan in tube

kent handplant

brian tallbike footjamwhip

this girl was at slaughterama 06' with a rat just chillin on her shoulder the whole itme. fuckin ratical!

1st generation basement ramps

2nd generation backyard ramps

this is bob he basically rips at everything especially skating the basement

rob at rampkill

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

13 people one vegpowered bus 5 motorcycles and a sidecar

heres some pictures of a road trip I just got back from. 13 people one vegpowered bus 5 motorcycles and a sidecar. It was a wild adventure. we left from richmond in 20 degree weather skated steve d's bowl, met kitt and matt rode currituck, drove to nags head to ride motos on the beach and throw them in the water, shred ymca park and watch chuck from sandbox do handlebar rides. caused a scene at jolly roger then motored to "the unit" to cannonball and ropeswing in the foampit, shoot bb guns, ride winklemann's frontflip bike and make mods to the side car.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Great Wolves

2007 absolutely ruled! Awesome shit went down pretty much everyday. And brians ramp got reincarnated into a bowl which was one of the highlights of the year, thanks to Rob, Brian and many others who helped to get that shit done. And to celebrate the ending of such an awesome year 20 some odd people check into the Great Wolf Lodge for the night, an amazing hotel fun land that has an indoor waterpark with a standing wave that you boogieboard on. I didnt get any pictures in the water park but below are some of the party.

This dude was a flowmaster, and absolutly shredded the standing wave.

Brian Lee was so stoked he was doing frontflips all night and totally smashed two bed frames.