Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cristian, having second thoughts about his new FBM ink. Photo:cran cran

Jive photos from Brian Rainsfeild

Here are some old photos Brian scanned in recently you can find more at www.flickr.com/photos/rainsfoto/ Brian will be tieing the knot in Florida this weekend, congatulations. Willie Nelson is performing the service.. on weed, I cant wait. Lets get margarita'd.

Crack Scott being ridiculous, seriously. Im sure the trumpet was blowing after this.

Regec and the 40oz wallride, I believe Jay had already won the 40, dialed none the less.

Tibbs at Rock City


Brett show!

Friday, October 24, 2008


weird tree

matt rules!!! water source and signage

be cool have fun!!! yea

Heck yeah!

Life is good, don't fuck around, be real, have as much fun as possible. Just sayin.

Mr Hewitt are you amped?


Most of these shots are by Tobe, who is moving to Philly for the winter, avoiding mediocraty and living the dream, wish him well at The Club this evening. More photos @ flickr.com/photos/liverad

Wow, completly styled bunny hop.

Sweet Teapee

Jim Jones and C-ville Rob showed up with this tasty treat.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Under the knife

more kick ass photos by Bob Quirk www.flickr.com/photos/hannahmontanna

Saturday, October 18, 2008


We called off the races considering all the rain and the fact that balls would have to drive up to maybe race, oh well. Good news is, its nice and wet, prime for digging, all the new stuff needs clay and packing so we can ride it sooner than later, Im sure folks will be down there all day, lets get muddy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the remains

there was a lot of shots of the action floating around the interweb but i didnt see any of the aftermath, above is the remains of a kickass day. who would have thought millions of beers, hundreds of tacos, pounds of BBQ, and several gut fulls of hotdogs could all fit into this port-o-john, well done.


Cool Beans

We gave away the bowl corner recently and recieved this email yesterday...

"Hey Brian. I got the bowl corners from you and just wanted to let you see where they went. This is the bowl I built out of them. I have the wood for the last corner, but I'm going to ply it first to tighten up everything. So far I have 37$ into it including gas to Richmond. LOL Gotta love construction friends. OK, I just wanted to keep you updated Ill send one of the completed bowl. Thanks again and your welcome anytime in Portsmouth. Chris."

38 bucks, heck yeah!

Latane origanated the saying "cool beans" apparently. State finals at the Gillies creek track in RVA this weekend, come hang out, Saturday afternnoon, yell at Balls and support local BMX. Lets get in the woods.

Another rad e-mail...
"ps. We visited Mikey Aitken in the hospital last night and his wife wanted us to take a picture w/ him, now keep in mind he is still knocked out. I suggested a thumbs up photo and we all asked mike give us a thumbs up and you would not believe what happened next... HE OPENED HIS EYES AND GAVE A THUMBS UP FOR THE PICTURE!! It was awesome. Everyone was so happy and excited, there was a party in the hospital room. He closed his eyes again but that moment was awesome. He's a champion and will pull this off. Keep the love for him going."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Wow. The ghetto jam was amazing, Garret Guilliams took the high air win without 1.3 million dollars or a laser height meter, Geoff Slatterly came close but style didnt win it. Other highlights included, the vert apes throwing out some ridiculous tricks and looking clean all day, holes was plowed, every one being psyked, the girl in the ripped fishnets, Gull, RPG, 80 foot airs on a 6 1/2 mini, Mat Hoffman, Mat Hoffman, Mat Hoffman, fun more or less. Thank you so freakin much; Rob, Steve, Brian, Tidewater bros, locals, attendants and anyone who put a hand in without asking for anything in return but a smile and a handshake.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a lighter note

good weekend! thanks to all the dudes getting stuff done. above is the bike lot as of yesterday (click it), below are latnea and ryan demostrating their fire dancing skills at erin and evan party, thanks for a good time. see you this weekend.