Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Peppermint patty?

Hopped on the China bus Saturday for a freestyle NYC/Long Island tour with Darryl. After some leisure preperation, arrived at the bus to find Jesse, Sean, and a few others were on board, stoked, we checked out the scenery in the adjacennt alley way then climbed on board. Arrived around 7:30am went straight to china banks and Latane pulled a footjam line first go, dope. Dabbled for a few then cruised to "the banks" Latane charged while I took it all in, New York is the most scenic wasteland I have had the privalage of visiting. Then it was off to Long Island, I grew up on the Island and this was the first time back in ten or so years. Nothing looked familiar whatsoever but it did bring back some pleasant memories of the back yard and my great aunt and uncle. The trail scene in LI is booming right now, we rode three sets all unique and dialed, thanks to the local for being so friendly. Spent the night way out on the tip of the Island and stayed out of trouble for the most part, took a polar dip in the Atlantic and rode a concrete park in haggard condition. Not more than 48 hours later I was back on the bus, only to find... Jesse and Sean again, we talked we laughed, I slept like a rock. Didnt bring a camera so these pics are stolen from Mike rips by the way) and from Darryl. Lets get outdoors.

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gosh face, haggard face, close to sunrise.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bob, Psyches, and I went down to the jumps today, pulled out the space cam and took some pics. They are running good but you have to be dialed to clear them, with some minor work they will be totally "casual" broke ground on some new style at Gilly's too.Rachel Van Slyke played in Richmond tonight, she has riden her Jamis bicycle from Miami Fla playing shows the whole way. A total of 1700 miles, so far, headed to Canada. Very psyched. Very inspiring. Cheeers to the gnar.

Monday, May 19, 2008


i dont have a lot of time to waste with words so here are some images of europe so far lucky lake

the first hostel
you havent seen alot of bikes until you see amsterdam
our current living spot. dope
see you soon

Sunday, May 18, 2008

dope fresh web edits