Wednesday, July 30, 2008

dudes in the woods

Here are some more pictures from the weekend of a bunch of dudes hanging out in the woods. Thanks to everyone for a kick ass time. check superbmx and fbm for more.

"Having fun is fun"-Scott Eisel

Kelly "BMX" Baker


Ran into an old aquaintance from Va Beach days after returning from the trails this weekend and he asked "hey man you still dirt piling it?" yes, I am still dirt piling it. Good weekend. Here are some pics of various people having fun, and a new web edit that dropped just now.

saw Big Job(40ish) riding a train through the racer section, with a 4 year old, both dialing.


mike roasting

Ewok status revoked

buno bushwacking

kitt and evan

Friday, July 25, 2008


Heading to the trails this weekend. Ive been praying all morning for a dry weekend. amen. There is a Zi-lab jam in C-ville this Saturday in Matt Thorne's backyard bmx playground, tons of product sponsors and sketchy ramps check it out on the space.

Lets get outdoors! photos:Bob Quick

Monday, July 21, 2008

100% awesome

Here is the bowls summer style, at least 13% more fun, and 20% less shade. Extension is cut to 7'6" with 6" of vert, its a little tricky at first but opens up many more lines probably 23% more lines actually. Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday night, killer session, we were able to raise 285% more money than we had and we will be on our way to relayer any day now as soon as it cools off. If any one missed the barbie but wants to help the ramp out, its not too late, give Evan or Rob a shout. Lets get outdoors, in the shade.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

for the rest of our lives...

brett gets stoked


bob getting stoked, from steves angle

brian dialed styles

peace and unity through simplicity
Bike Lot bowl needs re-layering... bad. Sat night BBQ action to get some cash together for the ramp. FYI, Rob has been paying rent for the ramp out of pocket for the last year with little or no help from anyone, but alot of people are riding it frequently, so... show some love for one of Richmonds only backyard ramps and cough it up. Didnt have any new pictures this time hence the medly. Lets get outdoors.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Here are a couple bikes that Balls put together. One S&M Heavy as Fuck, and a S&M Menstrual cycle. These are two of many S&M's belonging to Balls. Balls lake jump, stylish dismount. Also a few pics of the basement...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More aqua style

Steve D deploying his Deployer. photo by Crandal more at



Shortly before Shelley stage dived off the bus in the pouring rain. I like that these people are my friends.

America day at Hadad's. Bike ride in the morning, all chill all day. BBQ with Shelley and Steve and special guests, NYC messengers, by night. perfect

The Aqua Battle happened this weekend, and no one was let down. The idea was to build home-made boats powered by humans and have a last boat floating war, but basically the only war was over who was having the most fun. BMX river jump was outragious, with the kicker eventually making to the upper deck... saw a few of our non-BMX friends do their first lake jumps. After a few drinks, Rob was like "Latane, you sure suck at jumping bikes into the air, but you really impressed me today." Shitty boats were everywhere all with fun on board, the police eventually came and basically had no idea what was going on and, as usual, used the open container card and shut it down. We were done anyways.