Friday, June 27, 2008

Danny Parks moves back to Richmond!

Sessioned Laurel lastnight, with Jordan and Stephanie, our new park attendant friends. Gone are the days of gym coach Eddie, 15 min intervals, full face /shin/wrist guard rules, and coned off directional areas. Full pads are required but soft pads and a protec will fly and... there is a vert ramp. Its fun, session next wedsday, K-Rob will be there trying to break the 20 foot mark while devouring a double bacon cheeseburger.

Tibbs, Gary style

feeble from the corner into little buddy


big craig and 110% slaughterfest'08 pic by Kevin Hennesey.

Monday, June 23, 2008


steve d the peoples champ
did a misson to the beach and suffuck this weekend and did awesome stuff. went to a wild dance party, swam in the atlantic and saw 5 vegas style elvises parachute onto the beach and then perform, went off a sketchy rope swing made by this dude JR, camped and rode kitt's, and jumped off some train tressels. all i got pics of were the trails. check suffuck site for more.

kitt rules

steve tuckstyle

we set this bike rack in between the third jump and tommy smith and double peged it, nuts!

whiplash trail style

clean out your wounds or a day later it will be green and dripping

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

chris neighbors

some videos i took of chris in rotterdam

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

get a chain wallet or maybe not

Amsterdam ruled but it could only last so long considering we spent about 350 some dollars on Eurail passes and had about a week or so of travel left before we needed to be in Barcelona. With that in mind we planned on heading out in about 4 days. Well 4 days quickly turned into about a week but to be honest it could have been more because the days in Amsterdam just melted together and all concept of time was lost, the sun was out like 17 hours a day and sleep was no where on the schedule. The original 2 day stay in Amsterdam was lengthened to 4 as soon as we arrived to lucky lake, with euro 50 beers for sale on site, dope campers to sleep in, a barbecue, cool staff, kayaking, people giving us anything and everything for free and a quick 20 min. trip into the city for other necessary supplies there was no way we could leave that soon. So we got a little more comfortable. Maybe a little too comfortable? Whether or not the following was a bad thing or not I’m still unsure, but the day we were about to head out Brett lost his bankcard, leaving him broke and having no way to access his money. Well about one day and hundreds of international calls later, which I don’t even want to know what the bill was, we final got his situation straightened out. Cool we’re on our way again, wait wait…. not so fast. Just about the time Brett gets his shit straight, Chris discovers the mysterious disappearance of his passport and other documents. BUMMER! Campers are turned inside out and steps are retraced only to discover a few items on the bike path next to the highway minus the passport. After weighing the options its decided that at sunup the next morning trains will be boarded and we will separate into 2 groups. Brett and myself will go Rotterdam and Chris and Brian will go to Den Haag, which is where the U.S. embassy is located, to get a new passport. Good plan, we will be on our way again in no time. Yeah right! Well the plan worked out great Chris and Brian made it on time to the Embassy before the 11:30 am closing time and Brett and me made it to Rotterdam. After exiting the train we were making our way to the hostel and conveniently ran into Brain, Chris who already made it to Den Haag and down to Rotterdam. Only to be delivered a blow, the place they needed to go to get a new passport was back in Amsterdam, its called the consulate office. FUCK! It’s now Friday around 2pm or so and all U.S. based offices close at 11:30am. And to add to the dilemma it was Memorial Day weekend so all U.S. offices were closed Monday. No service till Tuesday. DOUBLE FUCK! At this point there is really nothing left we can do except make the most of Rotterdam and have some fun. This is what I was talking about earlier when I said "Whether or not the following was a bad thing or not I’m still unsure". Because we had a kick ass time in Rotterdam, discovered a really cool hostel to stay at, rode really good spots, and still had all the amenities of Amsterdam with less of a tourist feel. Anyway the following are a collection of photos from this episode.

space trees in rotterdam

super fun wall ride hip set up

rotterdam hostel really good time

room rotterdam employee, and drunkerd assistant (ask someone)

lucky lake

scooter at lucky lake

more lucky

peeing outside rotterdam

same wall different day

day one of lucky lake

the end is near...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Live fast, die slow.


some street stunts by Bob. Bench ride to stair ride.
Update style... its hot, everyone is leaving the Laurel st. house, all the basement ramps have to go, so we, the Foot Clan, will be hosting "Lets party! on wheels" June 28th sat 8pm. No huge rager, just good fun with friends, sure there will be alot of pizza action. Bring your skateboard. Brainworms/Catylist show at the Bike Lot, Weds night, sure to be shredding the wooden pool. Mike is a full blown river rat. Cutthroats yacht club will be hosting the "Aqua Battle" a build your own boat river party. Basically, two rules... life vest and human powered. July 5th. Flip and Skeet are coming to town so lets party.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just a bunch of BMX gangsters

Operation fun was in full effect by the time we got to Amsterdam. A couple days of rain, the British pound, and a front stoop covered with enough hair gel to fill a small pool was more than enough for 4 smelly Americans to handle. Tensions were mounting and bicycles needed to be ridden. By day 3 the sun finally came out and adventure was on our minds, a few wrenches later and the Amsterdam pavement was rushing beneath our tires. The memory of 3 days of cramped, rained out, and down right annoying situations were quickly forgotten as we pedaled our way through the bike infested streets. With no particular destinations in mind, we just cruised around taking in the new atmosphere. This quickly turned into a search for the bowl, and other various spots to ride. I don't exactly remember how it happened, whether we just stumbled upon the bowl or the directions we got after trying to explain what we were looking for got us there. But somehow we found it pretty quickly. We were stoked, we rode the bowl for hours found a couple of metal mini ramps, a small spine and chilled in the parks taking full advantage of all that is Amsterdam. It was the official start of what we came to do, have fun.

Friday, June 6, 2008

freedom aint free, but cost a price.

high fives bro

nice tent

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

gaping wide summer

good things

Sunday, June 1, 2008

the saga continues

well we made it to barcelona and every thing i have every heard about the place is dead on, its amazing. i just need to learn a little more spanish and i would fit right in, actually i would probably still stick out like a sore thumb. anyway we have ridden awesome shit seen awesome things and pedaled our asses off all over europe. the journey is now almost over which is sad but ill be back thats for sure. this is the scene on the beach and everywhere else in barcelona
this is the craziest building i have ever seen
there are spots like this around every corner
posted up at las ramblas
las ramblas tweekers

see everyone soon